The First Wave Performance Team

The PERFORMANCE TEAM is our coach-driven group coaching membership offering a shared journey with fellow athletes seeking to focus on taking their training to the next level.

Performance Team Benefits

The coaches pour their experience and expertise into training programs that boost your confidence and ensure successful race finishes. TEAM benefits from every aspect of the FORCE membership.

Coach Stephanie Holbrook focuses on short-course and mature athletes.

Coach Jarrett Wyatt focuses on long-course athletes focusing on their next PR.

Performance Women’s Team

The PERFORMANCE WOMEN’S BEGINNER TEAM is a Women’s Only team lead Colleen Walsh coaches this program. The program is designed to help women feel comfortable with endurance sports training.

It’s for women who are new to endurance sports, have done a race or two, want to improve their skills and techniques, and want to train with a fun group of other women.