First Wave Endurance

First Wave Endurance is a multi-sport club in Arizona. We offer support, workouts, and group events to local triathlon and other multi-sport enthusiasts.

From 5k To 140.6

First Wave Endurance unites a diverse group of athletes from beginner to elite.

We’ve formed lifelong friendships and a close-knit family through shared experiences in training, adventures, social events, racing, and volunteering.

We are athletes of all ability levels and backgrounds … sharing a passion for multi-sport racing!

Let us help you reach your fitness goals!

The First Wave Performance 1-on-1
$149 / Month
PERFORMANCE One-on-One offers the ultimate athlete/coach experience. Our training programs are 100% tailored to your goals, skills, experience, and fitness level. The one-on-one Performance plan is custom adjusted for life demands, skill development, travel, and more. With the 1-ON-1 system, you'll receive top-notch guidance to unlock your maximum potential. Limited slots are available!
Individually-designed training programs + race planning that utilizes the leading TrainingPeaks platform & delivers analytics, options, accountability, and motivation.
Unlimited communication with your coach: daily tracking, phone, text, email, video call.
BestBikeSplit power-based plan to give you the fastest bike split possible.
Maximizes every aspect of the 21 years of First Wave experience.
First Wave Performance Team
$49 / Month
The PERFORMANCE TEAM is our coach-driven group coaching membership offering a shared journey with fellow athletes seeking to focus on taking their training to the next level.
Training programs customized on the TrainingPeaks Premium platform, with ongoing monitoring of athlete’s work and development.
Weekly coach's Zoom call offers vital support and motivation.
One-on-one office hours are available every week.
Pose Method Run and Bike Skills Assessment
First Wave Force
$12 / Month
First Wave Force unites a diverse group of athletes from beginner to elite.
Motivation and support: Training for a triathlon can be challenging, and having a group of people to train with can help you stay motivated and on track. Club members can also provide support and encouragement, which can be especially helpful when you're feeling tired or discouraged.
Access to training resources: Coach led group workouts, training plans, and clinics. This can be a great way to learn new skills, improve your technique, and get feedback from experienced athletes.
Discounts on gear and race entry fees: Sponsors that offer discounts on gear and race entry fees. This can save you money as you prepare for your next race.
A sense of community: Triathlon clubs are a great way to meet other people who share your passion for the sport. You'll get to know your fellow club members, and you'll have a group of people to cheer you on at your next race.